Quantum Computing


“Both of these new technologies can complement each other if they are smartly used.”

Quantum computing can be used to process computing jobs faster with a less number of resources to be used. In the current computational technological world, the major application of blockchain would be useful due to its distributed ledger approach which is highly secure and immutable. The trustworthy operations that the blockchain brings up, generates the users’ trust in the public asset.

Quantum computing’s one of the important goals is to run specific algorithms faster than before, with high computational power. As Quantum computers are becoming faster and powerful, some also predict that it may contradict the blockchain operations of its way of data encryption,and that may probably create a threat. However, no solid reasons have been stated to prove so.
A smart way of making a win-win is to use the facets of both technologies that are complementary to each other and beneficial to create smart systems that are secure and highly reliable.

In the coming years, quantum computing can be also used to enhance the way blockchain functions in terms of making the internet secure, smart and trustworthy. Currently in general even if the quantum computers are less powerful than conventional ones, they will soon surpass the operational abilities, for specific functions. With possible changes made to blockchain in terms of the way its encryption operations are performed, it may bring about a positive collaboration with quantum computing.