J P Morgan Quorum


Blockchain, even being revolutionary distributed ledger technology, may face some challenges when it comes to controlling the information, or public transparency.
Quorum was evolved to resolve these challenges and can come up with a more reliable blockchain platform. It is a distributed ledger technology based on Ethereum which focuses on permissioned implementation supporting security in various ways.Quorum is an open source platform that is open for auditing by anyone.Blockchain needs to meet the performance and permissions requirements at the enterprise level. Quorum Platform helps to do that.

Even though quorum is ethereum based technology,it comes with few sets of differences.Quorum is a public ethereum platform, which is open source and helps in enhancing enterprise level features.

Only authentic and authorised peers can be a part of the quorum network, promising secured access only. Participants who are approved by the authority can only have the access.As quorum is a permissioned platform ,it bifurcates private and public transactions.Quorum secures the confidential and significant messages with the aid of cryptographic technology.

Quorum’s voting based mechanism for consensus known as Quorum Chain is used to delegate voting rights.This is made possible through smart contracts.Quorum is proven to be comparatively faster which can execute 100 transactions per second, which is definitely better than ethereum or bitcoin. Quorum is the best choice where security and speed are the major concerns, such as banks and financial institutions.