EOS is a strong blockchain platform to create stable decentralized applications for the industries. Also known as EOSIO, it provides a business-friendly architecture for building d-apps, overcoming the loopholes that other blockchain platforms cannot resolve.

Scalability is extremely important for blockchain technology to become mainstream in the market. EOS provides high scalability with many other beneficial features of building reliable blockchain d-apps. EOSIO uses its native cryptocurrency, EOS. With faster transactions per second and implementation of smart contracts, EOS becomes one of the easiest platforms to work with. It achieves a smart throughput with it’s decentralized operations.

What does EOS do

EOS runs on the mechanism of blockchain smart contract.It is often compared to ethereum stating, it can perform all that ethereum can’t.Ethereum and EOS both are supported by smart contracts, however the major difference lies in scalability. EOS performs much faster than ethereum does.Scalability is one important trait that verifies the potential of blockchain.
EOS aims to process millions of transactions per second, while ethereum is processing just 15 per second.
In ethereum each block can store only a particular amount of data and takes time to reach its destination. The technology is called proof-of-stake(PoS). It is slow and expensive. While EOS uses a different type of consensus model , called delegated proof of stake (DPoS), whereby multiple blocks can participate to store data, on a pre-defined mechanism.


Easy to use

It is practical and user friendly for the consumers and developers. It increases usability by incorporating self-describing schemas.


It is a customizable model and can be used as per the requirement parameters, in public or private blockchain networks.


It is highly scalable , claiming to execute millions of transactions per second using the mechanism of DPoS.


EOD doesn’t rely on any one individual organisation for its development and growth.Hence it can achieve self-sufficiency.

Parallel Performance

With asynchronous communication, horizontal scalability and interoperability of the smart contract processing, EOD ensures multiple processors are processing the transactions. Hence maintaining parallel processing performance and increasing the throughput.

To Conclude

EOS is trying to achieve the highest scalability as compared to other blockchain platforms. With these fast and free scalable transactions EOS aims to bring the revolutionary change, in the way, blockchain works. Presently, it’s the most widely used blockchain platform around the globe. All these decentralized applications provide real -time benefits for the industries that implement them. EOS is a pioneer in the gaming software domain and is also being popularly used in music, fitness , digital payment and other industries, making them highly reliable than before.
D-apps that are safer and faster are widely used. EOS is one such D-app that is highly affordable, to begin with, along with being greatly secure and faster, as compared to the conventional blockchain applications. As, it’s models are customizable, it provides the best engagement model to the customers across various industries, providing a lot of benefits for their business needs. It has truly evolved and emerged as the best blockchain technology platform.