AI and Blockchain


“When two of the most powerful technologies come together , they are sure to create incredible solutions”

While Artificial Intelligence is making wonders happen into automating any and sector enterprise sector, blockchain works at the core eliminating the need for the middlemen or non-essential third party expenses.AI has been in the technological world for a long time now, however blockchain is comparatively very new. Bringing brilliance forward by combining these two technologies can resolve a lot of issues at the enterprise level and otherwise. It may be a high-end trading platform or widespread agricultural industry, AI and blockchain can together create wonders everywhere.As both the technologies are complementary to each other, they can bring about improvised changes in problem solving methodologies.

Advantages that AI and Blockchain can together bring about:

World Class Security:

Due to improvised encryption processing, blockchain provides a high level security which is of great benefit for highly confidential and sensitive data. As blockchain secures the core, the additional level of security for the applications , which is highly vulnerable , can be taken care of by AI and machine learning. AI can add on top security while working with relatable algorithms to keep the system secure and encrypted.

Enhanced Computing Powers:

Blockchain has already eliminated the need of third party middlemen for various sectors, which ultimately makes the processing faster and better, making it way easier than it was before.Processing blockchain on computers that are made smart by AI , will take the computing and processing methodologies to another level.Today just making the system and their processes cost efficient is not all, making it process faster caan bring upon huge profits and exactly what both blockchain and AI can do together.

Improvised Smart Contracts:

Public smart contracts that processes after matching a certain level of constraints are not completely secure. There are chances of data exploiting and intrusion. AI can help detect where exactly the loopholes are and how the system can be made better providing the securities at the right places. Also AI can manage the core processes of analysing the conditions on which the approvals and implementation of smart contracts are dependent.

Data Management made easier:

Smart Data analysis is one of the key advantages that AI provides. Organisations dealing with large volumes of data, have two core goals, one for managing the data and another, to secure the data. And AI and blockchain can easily help achieve both the goals in more smarter and faster ways.

Smarter Decision making capacities:

Decision making can be best when the data analysis is smarter , secure and accurate. Decision making processes are the indispensable part of system progress, may it be any sector whatsoever. AI is known for its smart data analysis and decision making ,data mining capabilities. Blockchain can provide a layer of security and immutability to the conventional data processing and thus proving the best of both AI and blockchain again.