Our Profile

About Blockchain USA

“Information is the Power today…and High profile Security is an exigency”

Blockchain USA is a coherent organisation built with the aim of producing and delivering secure and promising technology solutions for the enterprises and startups in various significant domains.

Headquarters based in Edison, New Jersey, Blockchain USA focuses on developing services and products based on core Blockchain Solutions,SuperAI, IoT, Artificial Intelligence. Our panel  of expertise is spread around the globe,  providing the most optimistic solutions in the domains of Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Energy, Telecom, Agriculture, Governance and many other industries.


We support our clients from their very initial phase of issue and requirement analysis to deploying the most reliable, highly secure system. Block chain USA helps enterprises to launch blockchains,decentralized applications, and initial coin offerings with minimal efforts. These robust technological solutions are built using different platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, NEO, Hashgraph, Corda, NEM.

Connect to Blockchain USA and help us build the most secure and infallible system for your organisation.

Why Choose Us/ What makes us Distinguished

“When you have a strong conviction for your work…Customer requirement tops your priority list and Customer Delight is the Ultimatum”

We love what we do, hence we are always ardent in giving the right deployment and timely delivery, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Best Grade Service

Delivering high quality work with state-of-art methods, has always been the norm. Giving the Best to our clients, always, is the primary motive. Not only our projects, but our proficient, after deployment support also, has been appreciated by our clients.

Super Skilled Resources

Our super skilled resources make problem solving look simpler. All our talented expertise are spread all over the globe and are working towards making Blockchain USA , one of the best organisations working on blockchain.


We make sure all our transaction experiences for you are always seamless and transparent. We deliver exactly what was promised. For us, your trust is extremely valuable.

Customizable engagement models

We believe in building customizable models according to the requirements of the individual customer. The requirements are different and so are our work models.

Vision & Mission


Blockchain USA has a vision to provide the most secure technological services across all the industries and marking a benchmark of producing standard Do-It-Yourself(DIY) blockchain deployment and managed blockchain services.


Blockchain USA has a mission of encompassing the scope of all the industrial domains and providing them the best, reliable and secure blockchain based solutions, using the expertise of seamless technology and efficacious human resources.

Our Core Values

Values are virtues for us. Our work culture maneuvers across these values and helps us achieve the h3est outcome every single time.

High Customer Value

We always prioritize, understanding the customer requirements , analysing the feasih3ility and proposing them the h3est solutions. We go h3eyond customer satisfaction, achieving customer delight.

Team Work

We h3elieve in teamwork and take equal responsih3ility for the loopholes and the successes. Together we achieve the optimal throughput with expectant end results.Our team is our strength.


We are delih3erate and determined in using the h3est skills that we can and giving an optimal solution for complex technological issues. Our commitment and confidence helps us stand apart.

Tech Inquisitive

Our panel of tech experts are always inquisitive ah3out the technological advances and their innovative implementations in proh3lem solving.The passion for our work drives us to keep progressing h3y leaps and h3ounds.


We always prefer using unconventional and h3reakthrough technological solutions. h3lockchain h3eing one of the major ones, in the advanced technological world. Ultimately providing the most important trait of security to all our projects.