Our Leadership

Praveen Thadakamalla


Founder & CEO

Founder of Blockchain USA, Praveen is a dynamic leader with a profuse experience of 25 years working on varied high profile technologies.His visionary ideas to implement blockchain as technological solution over multiple significant domains, has made him build his Blockchain USA team. A team with Intelligent minds and Smart work.

Kalyan Vijai



Having a rich experience of over 14 years with an expertise in the IT services industry,
Kalyan believes in standing his organisational functions apart, amongst the rest conventional technology methods.His urge to lead the projects with high-end secure services,has led him to initiate Blockchain USA, as a founder.

He is Always open to connect and ready to help anyone understand why Blockchain USA stands out in the industry and why Blockchain is the leading technology of today.

Praveen Marupadige


Co-Founder & Managing Director

The co-founder of Blockchain USA, Praveen Marupadige,is a certified Blockchain Solution Architect, Security IAM Architect , Mentor and a Consultant. He has efficacious experience of 20+ years,working with Fortune 500 Global Enterprises in various business sectors. He has been awarded as one of the top 50 Security Professionals, by Visa for Tech Talk at SXSW Austin in the 2017 Event.

His brilliance of using blockchain, for generating the most secure and reliable technological solutions are coming into reality through Blockchain USA.

Priya Jain


Blockchain Analyst

An EnergeticTalent Acquisition Partner as she is, Priya has a strong, 9+years experience in Global Hiring.She has been working in IT and Non-IT hiring environments successfully and plays a pivotal role, with her hiring skills and helps businesses solve their crucial profile-hiring needs.

She perfectly understands the significance of the human resource, that the organisation exactly needs and caters to the requirements accordingly. She works with all the same zest for the talent aquisition of Blockchain USA.

Passport Photo - Priya Jain

Giridhar Gangapuram


Head of Marketing

Having a valuable experience of 13+ years, Giridhar is an expert in the field of digital marketing. His work span combines to spread over B2B, B2C in Digital Marketing & Intelligence.He holds 8+ years of experience in Web Analytics, BDM Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing, Project Management and Web Analytics in eCommerce, Automobile & Non-eCommerce sites.

With his varied work profile in the field of digital marketing, he caters his best as the head of marketing department at Blockchain USA.