Blockchain Auditing

Necessity of Audit in DLT

With the onset of decentralization in technology assurance and accountability are in short supply. Lack of centralization implies there are limited regulatory bodies to enforce and monitor compliance. With new concepts of Blockchain and crypto emerging, the trust ratio parameter is the need of the hour. Audit is one of the few ways to add accountability and legitimacy to any Decentralized application, Smart contract, or crypto based implications such as an ICO.

By audit an entity could acquire an assessment of whether good data protection practices are followed and if all parameters of compliance are met. With the recent accords of GDPR and major data related blunder in the tech realm. Auditing has reached a point where it could very well become the obligatory process for Decentralized ledger technology.

Blockchain USA Audit services

Blockchain USA offers the best and most diverse Audit service in the business. With a range of Audit packages to suit an even wider range of entities and elements such as

ICO Audit

Code Audit

Whitepaper Audit

Enterprise Audit

What you get?

Blockchain USA Audit makes sure the Blockchain or ICO entity has an

Efficient control protocol over its functionalities

Major policies in the governing legislations and international standards are met

Legitimacy of White papers and other explanatory elements

Security implementation strength over data protection and structures

Adherence to guidelines proposed by Blockchain and other regulatory bodies

No infringements of any form with regard to rights

Analysis of effective or potential flaws within the entity

A complete assessment report with findings, analysis and recommended fixes

Flow of work

Client gets in touch with the audit requirements with our Customer relations.

Our team of experts analyzes the requirement; provide a quote along with the timeline.

The Audit process would be underway.

Constant interaction about the progress

Recommend necessary fixes and findings

Check for the fixes and generate a detailed report of the audit

Why Blockchain Audit service?

Blockchain USA offers best in class Blockchain and ICO audit services that are both efficient and dependable.

We operate on a streamlined fashion through a fortified system and boast of dedicated departments and experts to assist and overlook each phase of the project evolution from scratch to delivery.

Clients can always be sure of the transparency in each phase of the Audit.

We understand the value of your time and employ the best in class methodology to time our services. We believe in offering clients much more than we commit and at a quicker pace and an effective Turnaround time. You can rest assured of zero delays.

We offer the best pricing policy in the industry. We make sure you obtain the most premium services at the most economical prices.

In addition you get the most sophisticated services associated with the integration, working and support. So, we are you one stop for everything that is Blockchain

Keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends in technology, we ensure that our clients possess a cutting edge over their competitors.